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UNLU Ziraat Aletleri Ziraat Urunleri

Our Company "UNLU Ziraat Aletleri Ziraat Urunleri", which was founded in Manisa in 1971, has been operating in its facilities since 1977 with its trained and qualified employees.
Our Company, which was founded in Manisa in 1971, has been operating in its facilities ( 7.000 m 2 closed and 20.000 m 2 open area) since 1977 with its trained and qualified employees.
All the technological improvements are followed via fairs, catalogues and Internet. Customer needs are first realized in 3d modeling and then our qualified personnel carry out the related project.
All the raw materials that we use while manufacturing our products are supplied from the recognized companies in Turkey and all are certified and have the required quality. Also, our Company, itself, has the potential to produce any kind of raw material needed for the projects.
To prevent corrosion and to obtain better physical appearance, all the pieces are shot blasted before dyeing process.
There exist dry and wet dyeing facilities in our factory, and our dyeing quality improves day by day.
In order to meet the requirements of our customers on time, we keep periodic stocks as per the statistical data.
Using technology at every stage of the process and within our facility helps us improve our capacity in serving our customers.
All the pieces that are subject to corrosion are determined by our qualified technicians and heat-treated accordingly. This allows our products to be used for a longer period .
Our Company, by its quality control system implemented in 2003 and maintained since then, has been granted a system approval certificate upon an audit performed by TÜV SÜD/Türkiye Certification Body.
Quality Assurance has been obtained at each and every stage of the production by following the related literature in order to meet the present requirements; and the entire quality activities are carried out by our trained staff. Moreover, the quality and sufficiency tests of our products are performed with the coordination of the universities.

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Country: Turkey
City: Manisa
Phone: + 90 (236) 214-00-34
Mobile phone: + 90 (536) 5396266988
Fax: + 90 (236) 2140039
URL address: http://www.unluziraat.com.tr
Contact person: Selim CAGLAR
Position: Foreign Trade Representative

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